​Gozo - the island of Myths and Miracles

Why Gozo:

Gozo is many things to many different people, but above all it is a truly special, tranquil and unique place to visit and live: the island of Myths and Miracles.

It is found in the centre of the Mediterranean, the smaller and more serene sister island to Malta, and is haven for history and culture lovers keen to immerse themselves on the local scene.

At the same time is a chance to kick back, relax and watch the world go by surrounded by some of the most spectacular sights that this region has to offer.

Getting to Gozo:

The Maltese Islands are easy to reach from anywhere in the world.Air Malta, the islands' national air-carrier, fly directly to Malta from most of Europe and beyond, making it the perfect home, weekend getaway destination or the place to entertain friends on a flying visit.

Once in Malta, allow around one hour to get to the Circewwa Harbour in the very north of the island. A further half hour is required for the pleasant ferry crossing to Gozo.

For the Ferry Timetable please click here:www.gozochannel.com.

History of Gozo

Gozo's impressive history dates back to 5000BC when it was first inhabited by settlers from Sicily who managed to cross the Mediterranean Sea. Through its history it is safe to presume that Gozo's story is closely entwined with Malta's, sharing many of the same influencers and rulers. One of the most important stages was when Christianity was brought to the islands in 60AD by St Paul. Later, in the 9th Century, the Arabs took control heavily influencing the local language as well as changing the islands' names to the present day ones of Malta and Gozo.

Over the years Gozo's control has been in the hands of many from the Phoenicians, the Romans and the Arabs to, more recently, the Knights of St John, the French and the British. Each left their mark providing today's travellers which an exciting path to explore.

The Maltese Islands' strategic positioning was utilised throughout the Crimean and First World Wars, and especially during the Second World War during which time they were heavily bombarded by Axis air-raids. After the war, having been awarded the George Cross Medal for bravery by King George IV, the Maltese and Gozitans yearned for Independence and this was finally granted on 21st September 1964. The islands became a Republic in 1974 and in 2004 Malta and Gozo joined the European Union.

Culture and lifestyle:

Gozo's cultural calendar is ongoing with exciting activities scheduled through the year; there is no end to what is on offer. Theatre enthusiasts will be enthralled by the island's two theatres, the Aurora Opera House and the Astra Theatre. Both have seen a rise in popularity in recent years, especially thanks to the improvement of their respective calendars and have become synonymous with both local and foreign opera names.

Meanwhile a blossoming art world is also emerging and several new galleries were inaugurated lately. Shopping lovers will feel right at home on Gozo's main shopping high street in the capital city Victoria or exploring the eclectic markets that take place in spots throughout the island.


Gozo is a catholic island and its calendar of events is deeply linked to that of the religious calendar and revolving around the feasts of Christmas and Easter as well as the individual 'festi' celebrated in each town or village to honour their patron saint.


As in the rest of the Mediterranean region, good food is important to the Gozitans. The traditional diet is one of fresh produce, fish and olive oil, and today this is blended with an array of five-star restaurants all over the island.

Popular food hotspots include Marsalforn, Xlendi and Victoria where there is a wide variety of eateries to suit every palette.


Don't let Gozo's tranquillity fool you – the island is also bubbling with plenty for night lovers too. Unique hotspots can be found all over the island but many are concentrated in the Xlendi and Victoria areas.

Gozo's cultural calendar also ensures that there are many lively nights and the sprightly village feasts (complete with elaborate fireworks displays) dominate the summer months. Band music is also popular and each town or village has at least one band club which play during these 'festi' creating a vibrant aura of celebration and merriment through the streets.


Despite its sense of tranquillity, Gozo various activities are waiting to be discovered, no matter what you're into or the time of year. Its mild winters make it just the spot for outdoorsy folk as well as those hoping to explore its historical sites and cultural offerings. Meanwhile sun-lovers will enjoy its clean beaches, water sports and sun-drenched summers. The clear Mediterranean waters surrounding Gozo are completely unspoilt and it is therefore also a haven for scuba divers.

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29 Jul 2015

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