Why choose to live in the Austrian Alps

Alpine way of life

Many young people in Austria no longer feel drawn to the bright lights of the city. They choose to stay in the mountains, or return home to them. et them introduce you to their simple, peaceful way of life.

The happiness that comes from living in the mountains

Starting your day stress-free

The energy of the Alps is most palpable in the morning, when the everything is quiet. Dawn creeps over the mountain ridges and crowns them with a band of sunlight. There is no stop-and-go traffic, no car horns, no crowded public transport, no need to be anywhere else.

Instead, birds chirp in the trees behind your house and somewhere a church bell rings. The smell of forest and cut grass wafts in through the window. In the mountains you wake up knowing that the day is full of opportunities like these, to pause, breathe in the fresh air, and take time for yourself. It is this mindfulness that makes more and more young people to skip stressful city life and settle down in the Austrian Alps.

That alpine feeling

So what exactly is this alpine sense of life? Is it an attitude, a lifestyle, a sense of belonging? The young people who choose to spend their lives in the mountains agree that it is a little of everything. Some particularly value the sense of community a village has to offer. Some love that, at the end of a day's work, they can cycle home across fields rather than through rush hour traffic. Some revel in the might of the mountains, the pure, clear air, and the silence of the forest. Some simply want their weekend getaway in nature to last forever. All of them want to breathe freely and find peace. They want to be themselves

12 Oct 2018

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