Dear Erika:

Thank you so much for your assistance with the purchase of our property in Selva di Val Gardena, South Tyrol in Italy. You have been patient and consistent at every step of the process, and I could not imagine navigating this without you on our side. ECSM's positioning in the Italian market has been critical to our success. Your ability to be on the ground in Italy with an in-depth understanding of the local market coupled with your ability to translate local knowledge to those outside of Italy gives ECSM a truly unique set of capabilities that no other agent in Italy can match.

As you know, we started considering a property purchase in the Dolomites nearly a year ago. Unfortunately, our timing was a bit off given COVID's impact on our ability to travel and move freely. Early in the process I promised myself I would never make a property purchase without being able to travel and see things in person. You patiently listened as I explained that the property purchase decision is much more than simply locating a nice home; the intangibles like the “feel" of the town, the people, and the environment are as big a part of the purchase decision as the home itself. So, we mutually decided that we would use the period of restricted travel to find both the right property and the right location.

Along the way we took the time to explore multiple locales throughout the Dolomites. You helped immensely by explaining the pros and cons of each area, provided myriad properties for us to view virtually, and did a great job of trying to convey the intangibles that played a big role in our purchase decision. I will never forget the times we were able to make use of virtual meetings and live video chat to view and review different opportunities. This proved to be invaluable. The most interesting thing is your support throughout the process gave me the confidence to back off my pledge to not make a purchase without viewing in person. At the same time, we settled on Selva di Val Gardena as the right spot for us.

The fabulous apartment you ultimately led us to was in an unfinished state. With your help we were able to locate a first-class interior designer to help us with the design and completion process. I could not be happier with the results.

In reflecting on the entire process, there were many times along the way where I was worried about the unknowns and what could possibly go wrong. We would not have made it through this process without your wealth of experience and willingness to go find answers where questions needed to be answered. Had I known at the beginning how smooth the process would be and how happy we would be with the results I would not have worried along the way. But this is human nature, I guess.

Thanks again for everything and for bringing so much joy to our lives.

Kindest Regards,

Steve from USA

Steve from USA sharing his experience of buying a property in South Tyrol,  Dolomites in Italy remotely and relying on Realtors guidance

Steve from USA sharing his experience of buying a property in South Tyrol, Dolomites in Italy remotely and relying on Realtors guidance

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