Is This The Right Time To Buy  a Property in Malta???

Is This The Right Time To Buy a Property in Malta???

For all those first time buyers, foreigners seeking Permanent Residency in Malta, investors looking to take advantage of the rapid increase in rental prices or homeowners that are just seeking to upgrade their home- yes, this is the time to buy!

As you all know, property will always appreciate over time. There are always negative people talking about a bubble about to burst. So far, this hasn't happened in Malta. There might have been a year or two where the increase wasn't as large as other years, but most property experts still don't see it happening any time soon. Bank interest rates have remained relatively low for a few years now and the rental market is still extremely healthy, with prices still on the rise and demand still higher than supply.

Malta is a tiny island with land a true scarcity and thousands of foreigners are still moving there. Some move there because of the weather, others because of the culture or friendliness of the Maltese people, others cause of the language or schooling, tax reasons or of late, simply because Malta is the iGaming and finance hub of the world. The place to be if that is your line of work. Whatever the reason, an increase in people moving to Malta will always result in an increase in demand for homes in Malta. There is an extremely good choice of property out there and this is definitely helping to keep the value of homes more competitive.

Rental returns a decade ago were a mere 3 to 4 % and there was always some vacant time in between finding tenants. Today properties in prime areas have tenants bidding over rental prices and the average yield is 5% with opportunities to invest with better returns also possible. So what more can one ask for?

Come and visit Malta, an unforgettable sun kissed place in the blue Mediterranean sea. We have a large variety of short and long term rental or sale properties and our staff is on hand to assist with finding you the right accommodation or residence on the Maltese islands. For more details and detailed guidance about Maltese properties look at our website or drop us a note on

22 Feb 2016

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