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Ease your home buying process: Avoid these 4 things
26 Jul 2023

Ease your home buying process: Avoid these 4 things

Ease your home buying process: Avoid these 4 things

Buying a home is a daunting process for purchasers and real estate agents alike. Often the home hunter can make the process of finding a house motre difficult by setting high or unrealistic expectations which is often a result of a limited local property market knowledge. Here are some points that a potential home buyers should avoid to have a less stressful house hunting process for themselves and also the other parties involved in the process (sellers, estate agents).

1. Asking for multiple showings without making an offer

If a buyer is impressed with a property after the first viewing, they can ask for a further showing – that is expected. However, when a buyer asks for multiple showings and keeps bringing friends, family members, contractors, architects, and designers, it can be very frustrating. This is counterproductive, especially if you never make an offer.

2. Changing your mind

By the time you make an offer, you should be focused and decisive. If you are still unsure about what you want after some time, you might not be ready to purchase that poperty.

In Italy, once an offer is accepted by the vendor, it is legally binding for all parties involved, if you change your mind, you can not just walk away.

3. Making unrealistic offers

If a home owner sells the property for example for Eur250,000, but a prospective buyer offers Eur150,000 not because the property is overpriced or there is some major work to be done on the property; but with an intention to bargain, it seems very likely that the seller would not agree to lower the property price by that much money no matter how long it has been in the market. one can certainly offer less than the asking price and try to negotiate, but be respectful about it.

4. Expecting the property to be perfect after inspection

Some buyers will ask the seller to fix many things after the inspection, as they want to move into a house that looks new or at least in very good condition. If a home was built at least 10 years ago, it is not going to feel new. Do not expect the seller to perform miracles on the house after you make an offer. When asking for possible repairs, try to be reasonable.


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