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​Why walking in the mountains is beneficial to a human body
6 Aug 2022

​Why walking in the mountains is beneficial to a human body

Why walking in the mountains is beneficial to a human body

When walking in the mountains, beside of enjoying the landscape, breathing in unpolluted air, tasting some local, culinary products there are many other positive aspects to be aware of.

Hiking does certainly contribute to the physical and mental wellbeing of the person; it heals our soul.

While hiking in the mountains and keeping physically active, beyond the benefit of keeping fit, one can also get rid of some extra weight without making bigger changes in the eating habits and going through rigorous diets. Hiking regularly can help burning off 40% of your body fat reserves.

Without doubt when staying in the mountains and breathing in the fresh air, it does good to your lungs and heart too.  At heigh altitude, individuals who suffer from heigh blood pressure also feel better.

While walking keeps us active at the same time it also can reduce the risk of some illnesses linked to sedentary work (heart attacks, deep vein thrombosis, being overweight).

Not least importantly, those who suffer from various allergies, respiratory issues or asthma, when staying 1500 meters above sea level in the mountains, usually they suffer much less from these health issues.

The oxygen rich air in the mountains do highly contribute to a production of more red blood cells in human beings and this way when hiking it feels less strenuous.

While immersed in the silence of the mountains, being surrounded with the nature, it gives us a sense of peace and happiness and has a relaxing effect on our mind too.  Especially when you arrive to the top of the hill and a breath- taking panoramic view is in front of you. Then you realise that the efforts of hiking pay off, you can experience the beauty, smell and sound of the surrounding nature. It has a soul healing effect.

What a simple recipe for happiness- a walk in the mountains, being immersed in the preserved nature. 

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