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Why alpine properties are sought after
14 Mar 2021

Why alpine properties are sought after

Why alpine properties are sought after

Wellness and wellbeing

There has been lots of emphasis in the last 12 months on mental and physical wellbeing, mainly due to the pandemic affecting our lives. The mountains are an ideal place to escape the busy daily routines, slow down, get proper rest and exercise. Having a your own habitat in the mountains enables you to enjoy the surrounding nature instead of being stuck inside your home in the city.

Escape the crowds

In recent time with humans more appreciating the nature and natural settings, so instead of visiting busy city centres or coastal areas, people instead are keen to spend time in the mountains, where there is no lack of space. In fact, there is infinite space in the mountains, especially if you own a home there. Besides skiing holidays, staying in the mountains in summer months is a great way to switch off and enjoy your holidays instead of crowded coastal resorts. Most ski villages nowadays are also catering for summer activities (mountain biking, hiking, tennis, yoga, horse riding, swimming, canoeing).

Remote working

During the past year, a big portion of workers have moved to remote working. If you are lucky enough to have a mountain retreat, you can work from there, from the peace of your alpine home office and enjoy the waste space, fresh air around you.

Natural surroundings

With shops, bars, restaurants, cinemas, theatres, sport facilities opening times being heavily disrupted in the last 12 months, a large number of people have turned back to basics, to nature for entertainment. This trend to appreciate the nature, stay active outdoors is unlikely to disappear soon.

Great healthcare

Most alpine destinations have world-class healthcare facilities available all year round. You can stay in these places with peace of mind that good treatment is at hand.

Beside the above-mentioned points, there are many other benefits of staying in the mountains and having your own alpine nest, which is why there is a great surge in the last 12 months in sale of ski properties.

This could be a great time to start planning your own ski property purchase now, so you can enjoy your alpine home in the summer of 2021 and the next winter season. Check out our sales listings on our webpage

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