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What foreign investors like and dislike about business in Malta
26 Oct 2019

What foreign investors like and dislike about business in Malta

Three in every four foreign investors believe Malta is an attractive destination to invest in, a survey run buy EY of top executives has found.

The EY Attractiveness Survey 2019 found that foreign-owned firms are most keen on Malta developing its education and skills base and investing in digital technology and infrastructure.

80% of respondents said they expected to still be operating in Malta in 10 years' time.

86% of respondents cited Malta's corporate taxation framework as a pull factor. Social stability (75%), telecommunications infrastructure (72%) and the potential to increase productivity (63%) were also frequently cited as reasons for investing in Malta.

73% said they believed Malta is keeping pace with regulatory changes in other countries

43% of respondents feel the country's transport and logistics infrastructure could be improved.

Companies would like to see a reduction in labour costs (28%).

Investors want policy-makers to focus their efforts on up-skilling the workforce to ensure they have the digital skills needed for modern-day industries.


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