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​What can a golfer do in Carinthia?
3 Jul 2019

​What can a golfer do in Carinthia?

What can a golfer do in Carinthia?

  • 1.)Use the unique opportunity to play golf for one fee during one golf holiday in three different countries. The journey time between the individual courts is only 45 minutes. How is this possible? With the Alps-Adria-Golf Card, valid on more than 20 golf courses in Carinthia, Slovenia and Italy.
  • 2.)At the Alps-Adria golf day you can savour culinary delights. After a breakfast in Carinthia with local products, the route to golfing leads to Slovenia. There, you can sample in a typical cafe: the cream cake from Bled. Before getting back to Carinthia, eat pizza or spaghetti in Tarvisio, a well known place in Italy.
  • 3.)Play on the oldest golf course in Carinthia. In Dellach the golf course is over 90-years old.
  • 4.)Away from the golf course you should visit the Pyramidenkogel, the world's tallest wooden lookout tower with a breathtaking view of the Wörther Lake. For romantics and to enjoy magical moments in nature, many local thermal baths and wellness centres await you.
  • 5.)Golfing and skiing no means exclude each other. In Carinthia, you can both ski and play golf on the same day.
  • 6.)Stand at the golf course at sunrise and enjoy the breathtaking scenery.
  • 7.)After playing golf, relax and unwind at one of the warm lakes of Carinthia.
  • 8.)You should not miss a romantic dinner on one of the many lakeside terraces, where some of the most renown Austrian chefs pamper their guests with delicious alpine-Adriatic cuisine.
  • 9.)Play a round in the local golf club at Bad Kleinkirchheim, where Franz Klammer once won his first European Cup race.
  • 10.) Visit the Casino at Velden overlooking the Wörthersee.


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