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Over 40s can get government funding for a property purchase at Malta
24 May 2019

Over 40s can get government funding for a property purchase at Malta

New Equity Sharing Scheme aims to help individuals over 40 to become homeowners by providing half the purchase price of a property, to be repaid after 20 years

The government and APS Bank have launched a new scheme through which over 40s can have the Housing Authority fund up to half of the purchase of a new property.

Named the Equity Sharing Scheme, the programme applies to individuals aged 40 or more who are finding it difficult to become homeowners due to having a limited amount of assents and are unable to secure a bank loan.

Eligible applicants have to purchase at least 50% of the property, with the other part being purchased by the Housing Authority.

After 20 years, the applicants will be required to purchase the Housing Authority's share by paying the same price paid by the Authority at the time of the original purchase.

APS Bank, subject to all the bank's criteria being satisfied, will be granting applicants a maximum loan of up to €160,000 to purchase a property in a finished and habitable state or in a shell form which can be rendered habitable at a total expense not over €200,000.

The property can be inherited by the applicants' children or heirs, who will have the opportunity to purchase the Housing Authority's share themselves.

Scheme conditions

The property should be built in accordance with building regulations and planning permits.

The applicants have to finance at least 10% of the price of the property from their personal assets.

Should the applicants choose to, they can purchase back the investment the Housing Authority made in the property before the lapse of 20 years.


Applicants must be Maltese citizens or citizens of the European Union. EU citizens must be acquiring their first

During the preceding year of application, applicants should not have an annual aggregate income exceeding €40,000.

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