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Key reasons to invest in Italy
4 May 2019

Key reasons to invest in Italy

Key reasons to invest in Italy

1.) One of the World's top economies

Italy is the 3rd largest economy in the Eurozone and the 8th largest in the world.

2.) A strategic logistic hub

Italy is a key gateway to the European Single Market and its 500 million consumers, it represents an ideal bridge between Southern Europe and Central and Eastern EU countries. It has ports in strategic locations for maritime freight and trans-shipment.

3.) Key global player in manufacturing and export

For over 30 years Italy has been the 2nd largest manufacturing economy in Europe, surpassed only by Germany

4.) A highly competitive machinery sector and a strong “made in Italy” brand

To invest in Italy means having access to its unique export know-how in sectors such as machinery and automation, fashion, design, and food.

5.) Excellence in R&D and innovation

Research and innovation are widely integrated into industrial processes.

6.) Skilled workforce

The quality of Italian higher education is excellent: more than 20 different universities rank in the top 500 academic institutions in the world

7.) Unparalleled cultural offer

Any Italian city is gifted with traces of a cultural heritage formed over 2,500 years. All of this, combined with its world-famous art, music, and food culture, gives Italy an unparalleled quality of life. Italy is ranked 1st at a global level for UNESCO World Heritage sites (53 as of 2017)

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