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The year round joy of owning a property in the Dolomites
5 Apr 2019

The year round joy of owning a property in the Dolomites recently spoke to Erica Cirbus of ECSM Properties. Erika was kind enough to answer some questions that buyers should find very useful when considering a ski property purchase.

ECSM Property is a family run business with over 20 years of International experience in the property industry with a portfolio in the Austrian and Italian mountains. You can view their property listings and contact details here.

SO: Where have your buyers come from historically and do you see this changing in the future?
ECSM Property: Buyers in the Dolomites traditionally came from Rome, Milan, Florence in Italy but in the last 3-4 years as more Europeans are visiting the area and in the last 18 months the area is notably becoming more popular amongst Americans, Australians, Chinese, Koreans, etc. More and more people from all over the world now aspire to own their own mountain home.

SO: What type of property do you see as the best sellers?
ECSM Property: Most people come for mountain holidays (summer and winter) with extended family or friends, so having 1-2 spare bedrooms is preferable, unless it's an investor who is looking for a rental return, in that case a larger luxury property with a spa area or a penthouse with mountain views is the most sought-after property.

SO: Are people buying for lifestyle or purely investment?
ECSM Property: Currently both, but perhaps an aim of having an alpine holiday home prevails.

SO: Which resorts are up and coming in the area and a good opportunity for new investors?
ECSM Property: At some resorts in the Dolomites, the property price per sq meter has reached Eur20.000 so recently the focus has shifted to lesser known surrounding villages like Badia, St Leonardo, Arabba and San Martino where the prices are more affordable, especially if you purchase a new-build or contrarily, you do not mind to do some refurbishment.

SO: What is your outlook for the ski property market in the Dolomites for the next 5 years?
ECSM Property: As the biggest skiing area in the World (1200 km at the Superski Dolomiti) is becoming more known to the wider skiing population, more people fall in love with this relatively untouched area of the Alps, so more people want to own a permanent base here. However mass tourism is not something I see happening here soon.

SO: Which properties that you have listed with SnowOnly do you wish you owned?
ECSM Property: I would be very content with a ski-in ski-out luxury villa in Alta Badia with traditional Tyrolese features and a large spa area, close to all the fashionable boutiques and bars. My dream home.

SO: Can you tell us a bit about the summer seasons in the Dolomites in Italy from an investment view point?
ECSM Property: During the summer months the Dolomites area of Italy is home to a number of international sporting events (Cycling, Marathon, Golf, Fishing, Rock climbing, Paragliding, Motorbike show, Antique car show, Triathlon, etc). There are many other traditional festivals, exhibitions and family orientated activities where one can enjoy and appreciate this beautiful UNESCO heritage site. If somebody would ask me to choose between being in the Dolomites in summer or winter, I would be hard pushed to answer! It's just as beautiful and enjoyable during each and every season and owning a home in the stunning Dolomites would really bring pride and joy.

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