Retiring to Italy

Italy is one of the best expat place to retire. A great destination for all those you want to enjoy a rich culture, delicious cuisine and beautiful sites at the same time. Visiting the peninsula should be on everyone's bucket list. Especially if you are looking your own place in the sun for your retirement years

Good property bargains in Italy

First thing first this is the best moment for buying a second home in Italy which is currently enjoying a period of price stabilization in the real estate market after a decrease of about 20% in prices since the beginning of the global financial crisis. So there is no better time to find real bargains than this

Excellent Italian health care system

According to recent authoritative statistics Italy's health care is one of the best in the world. It's not coincidence that it boasts one of the highest life expectancy in Europe, 82.9 years which can be attributed to various factors also including the Mediterranean diet and climate that helps minimizing health problems of the elderly, such as bronchitis and pneumonia.

Health care in Italy is free or very low-cost for all residents. If one is a visitor in the country they will also get this free emergency care in case they get into an accident, or they fall sick while they are within the country. One may opt for private care if you want less waiting time or even higher quality of service. This is not to say that the public care is poor in quality, but one will have to wait to be treated at the public hospital due to longer queues. It also has got a very high standard of medical care, and this can be confirmed by ex-pats who can draw a comparison between Italy and their home countries.

Rich and unique culture to be discovered

The architectural ruins in Italy from days past are sights to behold. They speak of the greatness and richness of the Italian history. The country is home to countless artistic wonders you can visit in its numerous museums, collections and archaeological sites where one can learn more about the past civilizations. This incredible heritage that attracts tourists from all over the world and covers about the 60% of the world's cultural heritage. Come to Italy and you are sure you won't get bored!

The churches in Italy are works of art, and it also has majestic forts and castles. Italy also offers musical events which are an exciting addition to life in Italy. Italy thus offers a broad variety of masterpieces from different areas.

Great and affordable quality of life

Italy's cost of living is lower than that of some countries such as the UK or other northern European nations. One can not give a specific amount because there is a great disparity between the cost of living in the most touristy regions such as Rome and the countryside or between northern areas (more expensive) and southern areas (more affordable).
Some examples:
Pizza: €5 – €9
Cornetto and cappuccino: about €3
• Beer: about €3.50

Many people think that it is too expensive to live in the 'boot' However, this is largely dependent on one's lifestyle. One does not require spending a fortune to enjoy their stay in Italy. Outside the tourist circuit, one can afford to live in Italy if they live like a local. This is whereby they eat local produce, use public transportation and drink local wine.

Excellent Italy's transportation systems

Italy boasts an excellent roads and motorways network. They can bring you everywhere, and this make retiring in Italy even much easier.

But one can easily use also different transportation methods in case you cannot afford or you don't want to use your personal car.

One may choose to travel by a bullet train which takes one through Milan, Rome, and Naples or by bus which are in some cases much affordable alternatives. However, if you want an adventure and you want to travel freely with no restrictions you may rent a car.

In any case, along the way you will enjoy breathtaking views of beautiful panoramas all over Italy.

What else to say, Italy is just the best place to retire abroad!

12 Oct 2018

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