Demand for rental properties exceeds supply in Malta

In the past decade, the Maltese rental market has boomed with demand now exceeding supply all over the island. The north as well as the south of the island due to the influx of foreign visitors and investors staying for short term or longer periods, there is an increased demand in properties available for rent in good locations.

Renting is increasing in popularity as people require freedom of mobility as part of their job and this has also become the case in Malta.

In Malta due to some very favourable government reforms, a number of gaming companies, film makers, financial services and other lucrative professions sending staff on short-term contracts to Malta require lodging for a limited period of time in the best locations of the island.

Furthermore, foreigners considering moving to Malta quite often are initially renting property to test the location prior to making their move a more permanent one.

Nonetheless, renting has become a common practice among the young Maltese couples before making the binding commitment of purchasing property together. Moreover, young people are opting for renting property if they do not yet qualify for a loan from their bank.

Therefore, currently it is feasible to invest in rental properties in Malta and the government is supporting potential landlords to put their vacant property on the market, the tax rate is reduced to 15% on rental income.

The potential rental return on capital investment is significant in prime locations in Malta.

Our team can guide you to buy property to let and ensure your property satisfies clients' expectations.

We can also assist with finding tenants, renting out, managing your property at the Maltese islands.

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17 Nov 2016

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