Trekking in the Apennines around Bologna, Italy

Trekking in the Apennines is one of the most enjoyable experiences you can happen.The trails are usually quite well marked thanks to the wise and tireless work of the CAI and volunteers, so you travel with some confidence.
One of our leading trekking is theBologna - Florence,a route that passes through a landscape full of memories and testimonies left by the great travelers of the past, which attracted in Italy from classical, discovered the wild and unspoiled nature of the Apennines.

Today you can still tread the same pavements fought for centuries by armies, pilgrims and writers, rediscovering the unique excitement of a cultural and natural journey. You can enjoy panoramic views as far as the eye, with the voice of the wind and the sounds of nature as a soundtrack, will be easy to find an elusive deer, follow the acrobatics of a hawk searching for prey, admire a colorful bloom.

You can follow along ancient paths, between tall forests and clearings dotted with wild strawberries, but forests of chestnut and beech forests in the most in other large areas.You can get to chat with an old farmer who has never succumbed to the lure of the city, or choose to sunbathe on the fragrant grass, after being cooled in a stream flowing between the cyclamens and blackberries.What we are proposing is a life experience that you hardly will want to not repeat, to rediscover it every time fascinating and different.

Do not forget that ...
As always, we suggest, the Apennines should not be underestimated is always good to collect the map on the area you are going to ride, the compass and absolutely recommend to the good quality walking shoes.
Good walk….

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16 Jul 2016

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